Do you want to know how to grow taller naturally? Have you had enough of being short? Height is a very important attribute for most individuals, especially men. Research has showed that smaller people find it more difficult to show authority by appearance only and this is recognizable to outsiders which can be taken advantage of. So what can be done for people who wish to grow taller? For those who want to get taller naturally, today there are hundreds of proven ways to grow taller.

how to grow taller

Many people claim that a person stops growing after a particular age. What most people do not understand is the fact that anything is possible and learning how to get taller is no different from anything else in life. The very first characteristic that you need to inculcate is a positive outlook in life. If you do your research well over the internet, you would actually find that a lot of people have grown two inches taller even at the age of thirty five. It happened because they believed that they can do it.

It is believed that our height is determined mainly by our genes, so if your parents are tall, then you will be tall as well. However, this is not always the case, because under certain circumstances the genes of the parents may get suppressed.

How to grow taller naturally?

  • Part of how to get taller fast, is stretching – yes, stretching exercises. Don’t go imagining that you need to climb up on to a torture device in order to gain inches, and incidentally also dislocate joints. There is no need to go to that extreme to stretch and to exercise in a way that is part of the secret how to get taller fast. The spine makes up a major portion of our body length (height). It holds us upright, and is the key to almost everything in our body. However in the process of keeping our head upright, and moving us around, and even sitting, the spine also compresses.
  • Step Two dealing with how to get taller naturally is to eat right. In other words begin the right diet program. In order to get taller naturally you will need vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The most important mineral for you to get is calcium. It is true that “milk does your bones good”. Eat foods high in calcium and perhaps even add a calcium supplement to your arsenal. Watch out for habits and foods that inhibits calcium and stunts the growth process. Smoking and alcohol, lots of salt, coffee and soft drinks along with refined sugar and a few others are all calcium inhibitors and will hinder you growth rate.
  • Standing up straight makes you look a lot taller. You could also try some optical illusions to make you appear taller as well. For women, try hairstyles that add volume up and add more height. For men, try hairstyles that involve making the hair spike up or anything that would make you appear taller. A vertical stripe in clothing always works for everyone to look taller.
  • Getting enough rest is also a must if you want to grow in height and this is because growth happens most when the body is resting or asleep. This does not mean you should sleep all day though. Adequate sleep for an individual is 8 to 9 hours every night. Aside from getting enough sleep to naturally increase height, you should also consider your sleeping position. Be sure that your spine is not curved while sleeping so you need to make use of a mattress that is not too soft. Also, if you can, sleep without a pillow or use a thin one and try to always sleep on your back and not on your side.
  • Another natural method that is an effective way to get taller is to help the body produce and secrete more HGH into the bloodstream. HGH is found naturally in the body and is secreted by the pituitary gland. A nutritional diet that includes the proper amount of amino acids, glucosamine and vitamins, as well as some resistant exercises will increase Human Growth Hormone production and can result in an increase in height.
  • One last thing you can do to help you grow taller is stay positive. Having any kind of negative thought about anything will only cause problems. So if you are set on getting taller then just remember to have a clear head. Try to avoid stress. Stressful situations do no good for anything. They will only make things worse and it has been said that stress can sometimes stunt growth. So try your best to relieve your stress or stay away from stress as best you can.


Getting taller is the wish of many people. Most of these wishes origins from the public image of fashion models. All fashion figures are tall and slim. And because most people love to be fashionable, they wish can be tall and slim too. But the fat is that many of us have to face obesity and most of us have a modest height. I think first we have to be contented of ourselves and second, we have to try to live healthily. When we are healthy, we will be sure to have the best experience in life. And we should pay much attention to how much our measurements are, what important is that we are enjoying every minute of our lives.

how to grow taller naturally

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